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Bitcoin casinos have become a staple in the world of online gaming over the last few years. It is no surprise thanks to how lucrative the currency is. This is in part why bitcoin casinos now dominate the internet.  As many people already know, cryptocurrencies have in the last few years catapulted and become some of the most valuable and sought after currencies in the world. In the same vein, casinos have also adopted the currency as their own and now use it for gambling purposes. This gave rise to the many bitcoin casinos we now all know and love.

Best Online Bitcoin Casinos 2021 - BTC Bitcoin Casinos
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Roobet prides itself on being an honest casino, so it seems fitting that we have taken measures to ensure our games are provably fair. Provably fair means you don’t need to “trust” us to be fair; it means you can prove our fairness. Each bet made on Roobet can be verified so that you know with certainty the house could have in no way “chosen” the outcome. You’ll see several tabs above each named after a game we offer. By clicking them you’ll be able to see how we generate our bet results.
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18 + 100% Welcome Bonus Newcomers are greeted by a generous Welcome Bonus offering 100% on the very first deposit of a minimum €15. T&C Apply

Wagering requirements apply on bonus. Max bet applies. T&C's apply. Please gamble responsibly,
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Make your first deposit of at least €/$20 and get a 100% bonus up to €/$100 and 150 free spins for Wolf Gold (x40 wager)
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18 + 100% Welcome Bonus Newcomers are greeted by a generous Welcome Bonus offering 100% on the very first deposit of a minimum €20. T&C Apply

Wagering requirements apply on bonus. Max bet applies. T&C's apply. Please gamble responsibly,
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18 + 100% Welcome Bonus Newcomers are greeted by a generous Welcome Bonus offering 100% on the very first deposit of a minimum €20. T&C Apply

Wagering requirements apply on bonus. Max bet applies. T&C's apply. Please gamble responsibly,

The future currency of online gambling

All indications point to the fact that Bitcoins are here to stay in the world of online gambling. There are a great number of benefits it offers the industry. Some of these include quick and easy transfers, pseudo-anonymity, and less stringent regulations. 

As new cryptocurrencies emerge each day, we can expect to see even more benefits for the gaming industry. If you have been considering gaming with Bitcoin casino, we can boldly say it’s a great move. It has taken online gaming to the next level on both user experience and profit margins. Not only will you stand a chance of winning higher sums of money, but you’ll also do so in a casino that functions seamlessly 

BTC bitcoin currency casinos

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

To put it in plain terms, a ‘Bitcoin Casino’ is an online casino or even a betting agency where Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are used for withdrawals and deposits of funds. Many bitcoin casinos also use fiat currency and some have even gone a step further to create their own cryptocurrency as well.


Over the last few years, some notable and large scale bitcoin casinos have taken center stage in the gaming world. They offer a myriad of games including some made especially for the gamers who wish to skip fiat currencies and use bitcoins instead. 


We’re sure you may have already heard of bitcoin casinos. However, you may be wondering how it is different from the usual online casinos you are more familiar with. Because so many people are also looking for clarity, we have reviewed several of them and created a list of the best of the best. 


In the aspect of what kinds of games they offer, the difference isn’t that much. They offer some of the classic and traditional games we love like roulette. A few others also offer sports betting as well as spread betting and online lotteries. They also have crypto themed games made specifically for their platforms as a little something extra. 

Bitcoin Games
Crash is a unique crypto game by Roobet. Its a very new and popular game
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

18 + 100% Welcome Bonus Newcomers are greeted by a generous Welcome Bonus offering 100% on the very first deposit of a minimum €15. T&C Apply

Wagering requirements apply on bonus. Max bet applies. T&C's apply. Please gamble responsibly,

Bitcoin Casino functions

People have some concerns about whether bitcoin casinos will be more complex than a traditional casino. In most cases, they really are not. They work pretty much the same way traditional casinos do save for the currency you withdraw your winnings with. 

If you are looking to start playing with bitcoin casinos in the near future, it’s quite easy. When you sign up to play at a bitcoin casino, you are provided with an in house wallet. You can then use that wallet to transfer your preferred cryptocurrency into. The finds you store here will be used to facilitate your games. When you finish playing a game, the funds you win will be sent back into your inhouse wallet. A popular e-wallet on most bitcoin casinos is Neteller. You can then withdraw these winnings into your personal wallet and do as you wish with them. A few casinos have withdrawal limits but some others do not and you can withdraw as many times as you want.


Depending on the casino, they may also accept some other cryptocurrencies or just a few on this list. Bitcoin is the most common and accepted form of payment on most bitcoin casinos. A few others only accept Ethereum. On the other hand, few of them have also developed their own ERC tokens. The common factor with all such casinos is the acceptance and use of mostly cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies. This is not to say they do not accept fiat currencies as well, however crypto is the choice option of payment. 

Are all cryptocurrencies accepted?

This usually varies according to each casino. Right now, bitcoins are the most valuable and widely known cryptocurrency in the world. However, others exist and are growing in popularity and value as well. Although some casinos only accept bitcoins, others are open to other cryptocurrencies. These include Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and so many others. There are even “bitcoin casinos” that only accept a specific cryptocurrency that isn’t bitcoin. 


The good thing is that the majority of cryptocurrency casinos accept recognized digital currency and a few of them also accept fiat currencies. 

Top features about Bitcoin Casinos

While is so much that is great about bitcoin casinos, we have put together a small list of some of our favorite things about bitcoin casinos.

Security 🔒

Many gamers can agree that the level of security an online casino has can be a deal-breaker. When it seems like an online casino does not care about making their site safe, the best decision is not to sign up there. Bitcoin casinos have sturdy security systems so you can be sure your funds are safe at all times. They use SSL encryptions in addition to storing funds in separate cold wallets. These wallets are not linked to the casinos and so hackers would have an extremely difficult time tracing and breaking into them. 

Optimized for mobile 📱

Some bitcoin casinos have mobile apps while a few others are simply efficiently optimized for mobiles. This means you can take your gaming activities on the go with you wherever you find yourself. Whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, you’ll be having the same experience as another gamer using a PC. This feature makes bitcoin casinos appeal to gamers who are always busy and may not have time to sit in front of a PC for too long. 

Customer support 💬

Bitcoin casinos have some of the best customer support available. We all know that being able to get in touch with the support team of an online casino is very important. When an online casino is difficult to reach, it can cause trouble. It’s great to have a reliable source of information whenever you are gaming and need assistance from a reliable team. Some of our favorite bitcoin casinos offer live chat devices 24/7. These chats can even be accessed as you are playing which is very cool. 

User experience ✨

Most bitcoin casinos are highly optimized with user experience in mind. Making your way around the casino and finding the information you need is incredibly easy. Frequent updates are done on the sites so everything remains up to standard and modern. They are also optimized for both PC and mobile browsers. No matter what devices you choose to use, you can be sure you’ll have a great time. 

KYC verification ✅

Talking about the anonymity bitcoin casinos provide, they skip most of the KYC procedures online casinos are known for. You won’t be asked for too much personal information as you sign up. This is something many gamers love as there is no need to provide too much documentation. 

Reputations ⛳

Some bitcoin casinos are owned by developers who have had traditional online casinos for years. This means the brands already have some level of trust with gamers. They have their stellar reputation which brings their loyalists in to keep playing with their bitcoin casinos. A few other bitcoin casinos are fairly new and run by unknown people. This does not take away from the fact they have done enough to gain some respect for themselves. You should also read up reviews on a site before committing to them. This way you’ll get unbiased views of what people have to say about them and whether you can trust them or not. 

What makes bitcoin casinos different from traditional casinos

At this point, we are sure you may be wondering exactly how bitcoin casinos are different from traditional casinos. For the last few years, cryptocurrencies have been on the rise. It is only natural that the gaming world would also pick up on this trend. One of the tenets of online gambling is security. Cryptocurrencies are among the most secure ways to keep your funds safe. Together with the regular security measures they take plus the blockchain technology they apply, bitcoin casinos are nearly unstoppable. We’re also going to outline some of the major ways both online casinos differ from each other below.

Payment methods

most online casinos use a varying amount of payment methods. They also offer many currencies however they are limited to fiat currencies. You can deposit and make withdrawals in some of the most popular and common world currencies like USD, EUR, and more. There are also done via credit cards like MasterCard and e-wallets like PayPal, Trustly, and others. A few casinos also have the option of doing bank transfers. With bitcoin casinos, you get the option of making and withdrawing funds using cryptocurrencies with the most common one being bitcoins. That is truly the major difference between both traditional online casinos and bitcoin casinos. In basically every other way, they are mostly operative in the same way. 


Software providers

the kind of gaming software that bitcoin casinos use can be quite different from the usual online casino software. Some of the common software provided for traditional online casinos include Ydddrasil, NetEnt, QuickSpin, and more. These developers are responsible for most of the games you know and love. However, let’s face it, many gamers are tired of seeing the same old games on every site. Blockchain focused operators use a whole other kind of software which is blockchain specific. Therefore they are able to come up with more interesting, new, and unique gaming options for your entertainment. This makes playing on their casinos much more interesting since there are new titles to explore. All kinds of games from slots with amazing graphics to table games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, specialty games, and more are available to play. 


What makes bitcoin casinos so popular?

There are several reasons why bitcoins casinos are becoming extremely popular. Some of the most noteworthy reasons are because of how easy and secure transfers are. Another reason is because of the level of anonymity it affords it’s users. People are all about protecting their privacy these days and when they find a platform that will allow them to do just that, they take it up fast. 


Some people also argue that online casinos find bitcoins so favorable because when they use them as their base currency, it enables them to escape regulatory purview. They do not have to charge a transaction fee since they do not really use banks or other financial institutions as middlemen. Winnings are sent straight to your wallet. 


Another favorable feature of bitcoin casinos is that there are no limits on the number of transfers you can do daily. so there is no need to worry about exactly how much you would be allowed to withdraw based on limits. This cannot be said for more traditional fiat currency using casinos who tend to have limits on transactions in addition to certain fees. 


Bitcoin casinos are also gaining massive popularity thanks to the larger winnings they claim to have. Many bitcoin casinos advertise much more attractive jackpots with extensive profits. This lures many players who are looking to win big without making as much effort as they would with a traditional online casino. The fact that they have higher jackpots isn’t a surprise since they have a significantly lower operating margin. Which in the end, works out for both parties. 


Some of the bitcoin casinos have gone on to develop their own games which are quite exciting. They have also done some customizations on a few classic games with new rules. All in all, one of the most appealing things about bitcoin casinos is the fact that whatever money you make from gaming on the site usually isn’t taxable.

How to choose the best bitcoin casino

Before you dive into the world of bitcoin casinos. It is important to do your research and choose wisely which one would be best for you. Remember that in the same way we have some shady online casinos, there are also shady bitcoin casinos. Do your best to read and learn as much as you can about a particular casino before you commit to playing with them. You can take a look at our list of reviewed casinos for in-depth information on each bitcoin casino before choosing one to play with. 

What we wish we could change about bitcoin casinos

There are lots of merits to bitcoin casinos. This does not mean they are without fault. Like most online casinos, they operate in a gray area where some people tend to question their legality. Bitcoin casinos are fully legal but because of features like they’re inability to be sanctioned by one central authority, they are prohibited from operating in multiple countries. Countries like the United States are strictly banned from running a bitcoin casino. This means players have to go out of their way to find casinos under different jurisdictions to play at. 


The list of jurisdictions and restricted countries from which players are not allowed is quite long. Therefore before you proceed to register with a bitcoin casino, check that you are from an area that it is legal to do so. This way you won’t break any laws or get into trouble for simply trying to have fun in a bitcoin casino. 

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